I expect to be treated with politeness and respect, and I will of course return that courtesy and more.


Please place your donation in a visible location at the beginning of our session, and say nothing about it. That way we can just focus on having fun!


If you are having a wonderful time and would like to ask me to extend your visit, I am open to that as my schedule allows. It is my expectation that you will adjust your donation to meet my rates if you ask me to stay over time.

Gifts are certainly not expected, but if you want to bring me something nice on our visit I would be very charmed.

You can peruse my amazon wishlist for ideas, or I would love gift cards from: Agent Provocateur, MAC makeup, Audible audiobooks (sent to my e-mail aria@ariaamour.com), Home Depot

I like camping, cooking, baking, clothes and makeup, accessories, dark chocolate and I love getting flowers.

Shoes: 7.5

Bra: 32B / small

Underwear: Medium

Dresses/shirts: Small