The COVID crisis is affecting us all, and without a clear end in sight. It is extremely important to me that I protect the health and safety of my clients as well as society in general. I have made the choice to return to seeing clients in a limited capacity and with special considerations, until such time as the world returns to normalcy. Below are the steps I am taking to ensure my safety and yours as best I can.

I have recently moved a few hours outside of the city, and am interacting very minimally and only in a social distanced way with other people. As such, my personal risk of being a carrier of the virus is very low. I will be touring to the city approximately once per month, to see a small number of clients who have been evaluated for risk level. I will time these visits to ensure that if I contract the virus from a client, I am not seeing any other clients during a possible period of contagion (between 2 days and 2 weeks after contact).

I request that all clients with whom I schedule do a self-assessment of their health and symptoms in the days before and after our visit, and that we agree to notify each other if any symptoms develop.

I will prioritize longer sessions so that I can minimize the number of clients I am exposed to while still maintaining my financial needs. I will prioritize seeing clients in low-risk professions (i.e. working from home) and who have shown a commitment to stemming the spread of the virus by avoiding social gatherings and wearing a mask inside public spaces. I will prioritize sessions with trusted regulars over new clients.

I will be requesting that clients shower before the session and wash hands upon arrival, and I will do the same. I will decontaminate all contacted surfaces in my incall space at the end of the session.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration! I am not highly concerned about my personal risk level as I am young and healthy, but I want to stop the virus from spreading rampant and affecting those who are more vulnerable. Stay safe and take care <3

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